Welcome to the IPH Family Planning Program

The Institute for Population Health Family Planning Program is committed to providing family planning services to men, women, and teens. The program helps individuals make informed decisions regarding reproductive health and disease prevention.

All services are provided on a voluntary and confidential basis.

Medicaid and most commercial insurances are accepted.  However, no one is denied services based on inability to pay.  A sliding fee scale is used. Fees are based on family size and income.

Parental consent is not required for clients 13 years old and above.

Services provided for males:

    • Physical  reproductive health exams including  testicular exams
    • Screening, testing and treatment for STIs/HIV and testicular cancer
    • Education and counseling on unplanned pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention and more
    • Referrals

Services provided for females:

    • Physical reproductive health exams including  Pap smear and breast exam
    • Screening, testing and treatment for STIs/HIV, reproductive cancers and HPV
    • Information on different birth control methods available
    • Pregnancy testing and counseling
    • Education and counseling on unplanned pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention and more
    • Referrals


Your IPH Family Planning Provider will help you:

    • Find the birth control method that fits your lifestyle. There is a wide range of choices — from the pill to the ring to the shot and more.
    • Get birth control supplies to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy.
    • Learn about emergency contraception and whether it will be the right choice for you if you ever need it.
    • Get tested and treated for sexually transmitted infections (STI).
    • Learn how to prevent getting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
    • Get screened and learn how to perform self-exams for reproductive cancers.
    • Answer questions about all your reproductive health concerns.
    • No physician referral required for service.


Breast Cervical Cancer Control (BCCCP)

BCCCP  is Michigan’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program. For Michigan women who meet program guidelines, the BCCCP Services may include:

    • Cancer risk history
    • Well-woman assessment
    • Clinic breast exam
    • Pap test and limited screening  pelvic exam
    • Education for lowering cancer risk
    • Free Mammogram
    • Follow-up and referrals for women with abnormal results


The IPH Family Planning Staff is dedicated to:

    • Providing quality health care
    • Protecting your privacy through confidential services
    • Taking every opportunity to listen
    • Answering your questions
    • Addressing your health needs



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