What exactly is a public health Institute?

Public health institutes (PHIs) are nonprofit organizations that improve the public’s health, by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and building partnerships across sectors with government agencies, communities, the healthcare delivery system, media and academia. Public health institutes address current and emerging health issues by providing expertise in areas such as: traditional public health services (e.g. immunizations, communicable disease, family planning, food service inspections), training and technical assistance, community health and health impact assessments, health data collection and analysis, health education, health policy development, and public health leadership. Specific services provided by public health institute vary by location, as they tend to reflect the needs of each unique community.

How can I access public health services at the Institute for Population Health?

The Institute for Population Health uses a Central Call Center for all appointments and general information.

The number to the Call Center is:
All Services and Appointments313.309.9350