The Behavioral Health Division provides a broad range of services for children, adults, seniors and family members. Programs are designed to resolve emotional and behavioral problems arising from mental health, child abuse and neglect, and domestic violence, as well as to increase a family’s support system and access to community resources beneficial to their health and well-being.

In many of these issues, substance abuse is a major factor. The Behavioral Health Division addresses this fact with targeted treatment to ensure provision of appropriate assessment and resources within the following programs:

  • Treatment
  • Recovery

Our Mission

The mission of Behavioral Health is to eliminate substance abuse problems by funding effective prevention and treatment strategies, enhancing the responsiveness of services and developing supportive policies that foster healthy communities throughout the city of Detroit. Treatment is provided for those who require the assistance of public funding. Prevention and recovery activities are for the benefit of the whole community.

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SUD Divisions

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC)

ROSC is a person center and self-directed approaches to care that build on the strengths and resilience of individuals, families and communities to take responsibility of their health, wellness and recovery from alcohol and drug problems. Recovery-Oriented System of Care offers a comprehensive menu of services and supports that can be combined and readily adjusted to meet the individual’s need and chosen pathway to recovery. They include social support, linkage to and coordination among allied service providers, and a full range of human services that facilitate recovery and wellness contributing to an improved quality of life. The expectation is that the contact with the client will continue through and after the acute stage of treatment is completed and that recovery support services are extended to family members and to people who may not have remained in treatment.

Treatment (800-467-2452)

The Behavioral Health Division is committed to providing high quality treatment services for individuals who have developed an unhealthy dependency on legal or illegal substances. We focus on detoxification/stabilization, residential and outpatient with or without medication. The Behavioral Health Division provides treatment services through a network of 45 treatment providers. The Behavioral Health Division is responsible for assuring the availability and operation of an access line for City of Detroit residents who seeking substance abuse services. The telephone access line connects Detroit residents to treatment providers.

The Behavioral Health Division also has a Walk-in center for those potential clients who want to have a face-to-face screening. To receive this service, the potential client will need to come to 8904 Woodward during normal business hours for a screening and referred to determine eligibility for substance abuse treatment services.

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Recovery services was developed to allow programs to provide services that assist individuals in the process of recovery through program models such as using peers and other professionals in a community setting and providing a location and other supports for activities of the recovering community. Peer recovery and recovery support with or without housing means recovery support programs that are designed to support and promote recovery and prevent relapse and promote recovery.

Services are designed to provide the client the support to maintain recovery during the transition from the intensive, formal services of treatment to self-sustained recovery, but are expected to assist in providing additional support while the client is receiving services in the initial period of treatment.

Mental Health

We are Detroit’s leading resource for comprehensive accessible substance use and mental health treatment, housing, education and employment services for families.  Each adult, family or child we serve has access to our full range of services.  With one in every five people in the community struggling with mental illness at some point in their lifetime, our focus on recovery and resilience is essential to the community’s well-being. Our purpose is to enrich lives each day as we work with our community partners and those we serve to create lasting opportunities for mental health recovery.

Standards, Performance and Monitoring

To create a cultural among our subcontractors that embraces processes and procedures and the benefits from working cooperatively and willingly in a partnership.  These policies and procedures will provide reasonable assurance that both BHD and its subcontractors are free of material weakness. To identify non-compliance and inefficient processes continuously throughout the year, in this way corrections can be implemented quickly reducing the risk of liability, wastefulness, and poor performance.